Often considered or reduced as Communication/Advertising (which is a very important but not sole activity of the Marketing job), Marketing is probably the most beautiful commercial function you can have! I know I am biased but I truly believe it. In these changing days, it is even more true. Brand Engagement, Commercial Transformation, Digitalisation are key.

My question: Are you ready FOR THE FUTURE OF MARKETING?



The world is changing. It is scaring but also inspiring.

Artificial Intelligence, Rise of the (Ro)bots, Automated Commercial Activities, IoT, ... are impacting commercial activities and we should be prepared.

I do Inspiration workshops that aim to guide you through these stories and help you define how you would like to address your future.



I mix intuition and analytical skills for helping you to shape your future

I bring a Method, You bring the People, I bring the Program Management, You bring the Sponsorship, I bring the Knowledge, you bring the Willingness to move forward.

These programs are facilitated by me but the real success is only achieved by you.



I try to balance my professional life between doing things and lecturing.

I do this as Academic Director of the Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing at Solvay Brussels School, as Professor of Strategy and Marketing classes, as Trainer at Virtuology and as Facilitator in different companies.

It is a real passion for me.


A Co-creation tool for your marketing strategy in a digital era. The planning exercise works much faster, is more collaborative and interactive. You can easily identify where the disconnection exists between these elements. What is slowing down your growth (the brakes)? What is accelerating your growth (the accelerators)? The impact on the Revenue Equation? 

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