Marketing job is probably the most exciting job you can have in a company (I know I am biased). In this turbulent period with a lot of new changes (societal, technological, environmental,…), it is not so easy to know what to do. I have developed a process that, at least, helps me to take these decisions and you might be interested to discover it. This is the humble idea behind this process.

These last years, the environment where we are working is facing an acceleration of changes and complexity. The good news is that we are also discovering new ways of working. Design Thinking is really a fantastic methodology for customer discovery, more agile, more collaborative and faster. Strategy is now strongly influenced by Design Thinking thanks to the fantastic work Alex Osterwalder did with his Business Model Canvas. Execution is accelerated thanks to Digital tools and emerging technologies.

By combining research, personal experience, customer feedback and emerging trends, I created the MARKETING CANVAS METHOD. It is designed as a dynamic framework to help business leaders assess, compare and improve their marketing strategy.

Through a dynamic analysis of 24 dimensions of your business and using a simple colour coding process, you will be clear about where and how you will innovate and lead your business, therefore massively increase your odds of success.

MArketing Canvas.jpg