6 simple principles for your marketing strategy

6 simple principles that could help you when working on your Marketing Strategy

  1. Goal: You should always start with a quantitative goal

  2. Target: Who is your ideal buyer/user/persona you will be targeting with your action?

  3. Action: Define the action you should do to for achieving your goal with your target

  4. Execution & measure: Build, launch and measure your action.

  5. Corrective action: fix the original action based on what you have learned from the execution.

  6. Amplification (scaling): when you have fixed the action, you can scale it (growth hacking philosophy) and reach your goal.

Some companies are trying to be perfect before moving to step 4. While we should always do our best at step 1-3, I believe the most important are 4-6. Time is key and if you are agile, work in sprint and define a time limit for steps 1-3.