Listening in the Marketing Canvas

Listening is one of the four key dimensions of CONVERSATION in the Marketing Canvas.

Interesting article from Interbrand about listening: Why listening and understanding people is so important

There’s a missing element that marketers and advertisers aren’t thinking about when it comes to technology: the human element. Achieving true brand and business growth in our ever-evolving digital world will come down to better understanding people. This requires business leaders to adopt a culture that is based on listening to the communities they aspire to reach.
Ryan Holmes, CEO of social publishing tool Hootsuite, made the important point in a recent op-ed that the future of online content and brand engagement is authenticity. Right now is the moment in which brands must decide to establish ongoing and more personal relationships with their customers and fans.
While marketing has always aimed to speak to audiences, the tides are now changing. The Best Global Brands do more listening than talking.
What people have to say about you, themselves, their needs, your industry, and your competitors, offers a deeper look at the customers and brand loyalists we’re looking for. This information provides a qualitative case study into how brands can nurture the necessary relationships with the right people.
Businesses need to utilize this information in more imaginative ways if they intend on growing their customer bases.
Listening in the Marketing Canvas (CONVERSATION)

Listening in the Marketing Canvas (CONVERSATION)