Marketing Canvas - Values

In a nutshell

Your values are the translation of your purpose into key behaviors. Most of the commercial activities are delivered through behaviors (from people or from systems). When developing your marketing strategy, you should have Brand values that are fully amplifying your Brand Purpose. It will help your organization to translate your beliefs into action.

In the Marketing Canvas

In the Marketing Canvas, we have identified 6 main categories for building your Marketing Strategy: CUSTOMERS, BRAND, VALUE PROPOSITION, JOURNEY, CONVERSATION and METRICS. Each of these categories, have 4 dimensions which means that a total of 24 dimensions (6 by 4) are defining your Marketing Strategy.

VALUES is a one of the 4 dimensions of the BRAND category.

How to use it?

Values in the Marketing Canvas are the Core Values.

Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones. … If they’re going to really take hold in your organization, your core values need to be integrated into every employee-related process—hiring methods, performance management systems, criteria for promotions and rewards, and even dismissal policies … [1]

So your Values should be a perfect translation of your beliefs (which is your PURPOSE). It will help you to be consistent across all your activities. While Visual Identity is key (also a dimension of the Marketing Canvas), Values will help the organization to amplify your belief.

Frabrikbrands proposes that your values should be: Memorable, Unique, Actionable, Meaningful, Clear and Defined, Timeless [2].

So, you should understand whether your Brand Values are helping you achieve your goals. Not having clearly articulated values will certainly play against you as your organization won’t be able to amplify your belief through new products and services, customer experience and conversations (Brake). You might have clearly articulated values but with the wrong purpose, in this case the combination purpose (Brake)-values (Accelerator) will be an issue. Ideally, your values are well defined (Accelerator) linked with a strong purpose (Accelerator).


Are the VALUES of your Brand helping you achieve your goals?


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