New Business Models in a Digital Future

In a world strongly influenced by new technologies, new business models are emerging for brands. We usually defined this new world as a digital world but what digital really means? In this presentation, I explore the impact of digital and propose some recommandations that could help defining new ways of creating and capturing value.

Questions you should ask with the Marketing Canvas

Questions you should ask with the Marketing Canvas

Marketing canvas is an easy yet powerful tool you can use for assessing your Marketing Strategy. It works for small and very large companies. It can be used by novices or experts. A list of key questions to be asked can be found in this article. Enjoy!

Marketers, You Should Unlock The Next Decade

As CMOs gain more power in the boardroom — and over technology spend — it will be critical that they understand the factors that drive success.

MosCOW Rules For Setting Marketing Priorities

Bill Hartman proposes the MoSCoW mode for helping Designers to set creative priorities but it works for all new initiatives basically like requirements, new experiences or new products. MoSCoW is a technique for helping to understand priorities.

Infographic on the Marketing Canvas Process

The tool has been designed for facilitating the discussion when designing your strategy.

High-level process is:

  • You start from an ambition/question (like increase revenue by 5%, have more digital transactions, be more meaningful, ...) 
  • You discuss using the 28 dimensions asking:
    • What's blocking you to achieve your ambition? (brakes)
    • What's helping you (Accelerator)?
    • You can support this rating using any information, knowledge you have but it works also if you only rely on qualitative information.
  • Then you map your answer on the Canvas. Red are brakes; Green are accelerators.
  • Then you try to analyse these brakes/accelerators and understands what cause them, what are the correlation.
  • Then you start ideating (brain-writing, co-create, ...), find crazy or impossible ideas) on what you could do (magic diamond, do things better, do different things).
  • Then you prioritise your ideas.
  • If you can you test it.
  • Then you have your action plan.
Infographic Marketing Canvas

Infographic Marketing Canvas

Comment l'Intelligence Artificielle investit-elle les Magasins? (E-MARKETING)

L'intelligence artificielle redéfinit l'expérience client en magasin : telle est la conviction de Microsoft France qui présente quelques-unes des applications de l'IA sur le retail.

What is Revenues in the Marketing Canvas?

In the Marketing Canvas, we have the REVENUES dimension. Usually, I recommend to start from there because it is the global constraint of the Marketing Strategy exercise. This is what you will have to deliver!

Why you should be a Smart Creative Marketer?

Why you should be a Smart Creative Marketer?

In this new era where everything is accelerated by technological changes, Marketers are also deeply impacted. They can't stand still. They definitely have to reconsidered their job, their approach and finally their profession, Now. What should they do? How should they do that? While there is not one answer to this question, I use the label Smart Creative Marketers for defining what a future Marketer is! But what does it really mean, let me tell you. 

What are the Benefits of Simplicity in Marketing?

What are the Benefits of Simplicity in Marketing?

Do you think Simplicity is important for your Marketing? Is it a compulsory process for being successful with your Marketing? Why some Brands are capable to be extremely simple while others are complex, sometimes leading to confusion or frustration? Let's investigate.