3 Cs in a Digital World

Interesting article from Roland Berger Consultants about Sales in a Digital World. Their thesis is that you need to master 3 Cs if you want to have a voice in this new world:

  1. Develop the Customer Base: It is definitely in line with what I am preaching. You should not only focus on acquisition but also on stimulation and retention. The CLV dimension of the Marketing Canvas is telling you how much you perform versus your ambition;
  2. Orchestrate the Channel: I also agree but I would extend this to Orchestrate the Customer Journey as it is much broader than channel and it is integrating elements like Brand experience, touch-points, emotions and wow moments.
  3. Manage the complexity: it is maybe fluffy as notion. We all know that we should manage the complexity, the question is how should I do that. One possible answer is in the article when they discussed centralisation. I think the key element there is to automate your processes (BPM, scripting, algorithms, ...) in order to reduce the chaos and uncertainty. but don't forget to keep the human part.

Source: Roland Berger, Think Act, The digital future of B2B sales

Vos clients sont peut-être dangereux pour votre croissance?

Pensée du jour sur la tension qu’il existe entre les clients et l’innovation. Sont-ils antagonistes ou non? Les clients peuvent-ils être dangereux, ce qui est assez illogique pour un marketer?

Marketing Canvas, some tips about the process

Canvas works really well if:

  1. Start with a clear ambition, S.M.A.R.T. and linked with the finance. One of the usual mistake when doing a marketing strategy exercise is to not properly link the marketing actions with the financial consequences. In the Marketing Canvas exercise, we genuinely start from the financial ambition for addressing this issue. This ambition is about growth and thus the canvas is about growth hacking your marketing strategy.
  2. Start with a clear persona representing a customer cluster sharing the same Job To Be Done (problem to be solved by your offer). It could happen that you can't achieve your ambition with your current persona/segment (in classical strategy, it corresponds to a cash cow or a future dog). If it is the case you should consider another segment with another job to be done.
  3. Assess the current situation of your marketing mix by asking the 28 questions as defined in the canvas. Define clearly if each dimension TODAY is helping you to achieve your ambition (it is an accelerator) or is not (then we define this dimension as a brake). Do this exercise in team as it will create a shared understanding of the situation and support your answers with facts. 
  4. Backward thinking is a very powerful way of finding solutions to any problem. In this process, try to visualise/imagine how dimension(s) defined as BRAKES would look like if they would help you with your ambition. What is different? Could you describe it? Does it really help with your ambition? If yes, then you have one idea of potential solutions. Find as many ideas as possible.
  5. Having generated plenty of ideas (some could even be yellow ideas aka impossible ideas), you should prioritise it in order to finalise your preferred vision of this future where your ambition is achieved. What are the actions you should do to transform this future into a reality: Start Doing, Stop Doing, Do More, Do Less, Simplify, Magnify? Brainstorm as a team and list all actions.
  6. You now have identified all actions for building your future but you have to organise it into a comprehensive and feasible roadmap. Some actions are low hanging fruits while others require more time and effort. One way to do this is to use these 2 criteria: contribution to the ambition and effort. Congratulations, you now have a roadmap and a marketing strategy.


New Business Models in a Digital Future

In a world strongly influenced by new technologies, new business models are emerging for brands. We usually defined this new world as a digital world but what digital really means? In this presentation, I explore the impact of digital and propose some recommandations that could help defining new ways of creating and capturing value.

Questions you should ask with the Marketing Canvas

Questions you should ask with the Marketing Canvas

Marketing canvas is an easy yet powerful tool you can use for assessing your Marketing Strategy. It works for small and very large companies. It can be used by novices or experts. A list of key questions to be asked can be found in this article. Enjoy!

Why you need a bold question for your Marketing Strategy?

What is the best way to start defining the marketing strategy of your company, business or activity? My proposal is to start with a bold strategic question! Why?

Resources for Course on Customer Experience

Resources for Course on Customer Experience

List of resources (books, articles, video, website) that I recommend you to visit if you are interested in the Customer Experience topic. I am using these resources during my classes @SolvayBrusselsSchool and during workshops.

Marketers, You Should Unlock The Next Decade

As CMOs gain more power in the boardroom — and over technology spend — it will be critical that they understand the factors that drive success.

We are entering in a new world, Are you ready?

We are entering in a new world, Are you ready?

Some inspirations for helping you to understand that the world of tomorrow will CERTAINLY NOT be like today. 3rd industrial revolution, 4th industrial revolution, industry 4.0, World in 2050

How To Define Your Commercial Plan for Your Startup with Marketing Canvas?

When you work on your commercial strategy for your startup, you can facilitate this conversation with using the Marketing Canvas (more on the canvas here). Please find below 10 steps you should follow:

  1. What is your ambition? Big Idea? Define a question that will clarify your projected future like How can we achieve 1M€ after one year of operation? How can we generate 5% growth next year? How can we differentiate our brand in a digital world where predictive technologies driven by AI will become a standard?
  2. What is the problem you are trying to solve? Clarify the job to be done for your customers.
  3. Who is our buyer and user? Define your persona.
  4. If not you who else? Define the category where you are playing and what are the alternatives for your buyer.
  5. How do you want to be remembered? What people will say about you? Your BRAND
  6. What is your answer to the problem your buyer has? What is your value proposition? Do you have USP, ESP, Clear Pricing and Proofs?
  7. What experience people will have with you? Will it generate sales and engagement? JOURNEY
  8. How do you discuss with your buyer? Do you have conversations? Do you listen? Do you have content, stories, influencers? Which media do you use?
  9. Does it make any financial sense? What is your Marketing Budget and Revenue?
  10. If you don't think it all works, iterate one more time

Use the canvas and answer to these questions using all dimension while asking the same question:

Will my .... help me to achieve my ambition?

RED: Not at all: ORANGE: Somehow unlikely; YELLOW: Somehow likely; GREEN: Definitely

 Visualise your Commercial Strategy on Marketing Canvas

Visualise your Commercial Strategy on Marketing Canvas

ORANGE and RED dimensions must be reviewed or mitigated because that are not helping you to achieve your ambition.

Interested in the Marketing Canvas, you can find more information here

MosCOW Rules For Setting Marketing Priorities

Bill Hartman proposes the MoSCoW mode for helping Designers to set creative priorities but it works for all new initiatives basically like requirements, new experiences or new products. MoSCoW is a technique for helping to understand priorities.

Future of Marketing is Love (by Mark Schaefer)

 Future of Marketing Is Love

Future of Marketing Is Love

Interesting article from Mark Schaefer on Marketing and Love.

In a world of Infinite Segmentation where Brand building is out of control, all you need is love. People want to be acknowledged … and loved … more than anything. The vast technological opportunities at our doorstep are the way we can scale love.

The Marketing Canvas could help you navigating in this hyper-empowered consumer world! Don't know the canvas, discover it here.

How to Assess your Marketing Situation With the Marketing Canvas?

How to Assess your Marketing Situation With the Marketing Canvas?

One clear objective of the Marketing Canvas is to facilitate debate and discussion around a clear strategic challenge question. Most of the specialists of the leadership topic agree that one of the key reason why strategy is failing is because the decision that has to be made is unclear! When you do the strategic marketing exercise, you need to be crystal clear about which question you are trying to answer.

Interview by Scott King

Interview by Scott King

In this episode, Laurent and Scott talk about overcoming marketing complexities and the risks involved in growth marketing. We touch on influencer marketing, artificial intelligence and questions his students ask him about marketing evolution.

Infographic on the Marketing Canvas Process

The tool has been designed for facilitating the discussion when designing your strategy.

High-level process is:

  • You start from an ambition/question (like increase revenue by 5%, have more digital transactions, be more meaningful, ...) 
  • You discuss using the 28 dimensions asking:
    • What's blocking you to achieve your ambition? (brakes)
    • What's helping you (Accelerator)?
    • You can support this rating using any information, knowledge you have but it works also if you only rely on qualitative information.
  • Then you map your answer on the Canvas. Red/Orange are brakes; Yellow/Green are accelerators.
  • Then you try to analyse these brakes/accelerators and understands what cause them, what are the correlation.
  • Then you start ideating (brainwriting, co-create, ...)find crazy or impossible ideas) on what you could do (magic diamond, do things better, do different things).
  • Then you prioritise your ideas.
  • If you can you test it.
  • Then you have your action plan.
 Infographic Marketing Canvas

Infographic Marketing Canvas

AI is Changing Marketing

Excellent article from Andrew Stephen on Forbes about Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing Marketing. 4 main highlights (extracted from the article I invite you to read)