AI is Changing Marketing

Excellent article from Andrew Stephen on Forbes about Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing Marketing.

4 main highlights (extracted from the article I invite you to read):

  1. Marketers have more insights-related tools at their disposal that facilitate true data-driven decision making but AI is needed to help integrate across tools, datasets and platforms.
  2. The nature of marketing work is changing, but not necessarily becoming completely technical and focused on data science. Instead, the infusion of AI into marketing work can aid decision making and automation can free up valuable executive time.
  3. Consumers are changing due to AI-powered tools and devices being involved in consumer search, choice set construction and purchase decision making, and as this becomes more widespread and feels normal to consumers, AI will start to automate certain consumer decisions.
  4. Visionary marketing leaders need to understand AI and how it impacts both marketers and consumers. Moreover, they must think broadly and creatively about the AI-powered future of marketing and take proactive steps to ready themselves and their organizations for the future that they (and their customers) are creating.
AI is changing Marketing

AI is changing Marketing

While I fully agree with everything said by Andrew, I believe this acceleration of Marketing smart digitalisation will create somehow a tsunami in Marketing departments and jobs because most of the "classical marketers" are not trained neither skilled for facing the complexity of AI. When AI will be fully in place, then marketers will be able to concentrate on more creative tasks while others will be working on Marketing Technologies.

Are you ready? If yes, what have you done? If not, what do you plan to do?

Full article on Forbes: here